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Synasia is a chemical manufacturer. We synthesize cycloaliphatic epoxy resins, photoinitiators, polyurethane additives, pharmaceutical intermediates and other specialty chemicals. We also do contract / toll manufacturing.

One of our core technology is in the production of epoxy resins, which are equivalent to Dow’s UVR 6110, 6105, 6107, 6128 (previously known as Union Carbide’s ERL 4221/D/E and 4299). Our capacity is now over two thousand metric tons a year and is still growing to meet the swiftly expanding demand of the market.

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Synasia Inc.
240 Amboy Ave.
Metuchen NJ 08840
Tel: 1 732 205 9880
Fax: 1 732 205 1788

For Sales enquiries. Please contact:
· Dr. Howard Qiu,Mobile: 732 372 2702
Larry Qiu, Mobile:973 641 0862

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