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ICON Die Bond GB-1
Chemical Name
Structure NO Photo

Product code: GB-1

Description: GB-1 is a single component, room temperature storage, low viscosity, high adhesion, low temperature and fast cure electrically conductive adhesive for Die Attach and LED bonding. Ideal for pin transfer and stamping applications.


Cure schedule: 100oC, 80 min; or 120oC, 30 min; or 150oC, 10 min.

Pot life: 10 days

Shelf life: one year @ -10oC


Physical properties:

Color: silver

Consistency: smooth, creamy thixotropic paste

Viscosity: 12,000 cPs or 8,000 cPs

Specific gravity: 3.3


Material characteristics (typical):

Shore D hardness: 78

Lap shear strength: >3,000 psi

Die shear strength: >10 kg / 5,000 psi

Degradation temp: 380oC

Operating temp: -55 to 150oC continuous; -65 to 300oC intermittent

Glass transition temp (Tg): 85oC

Coeff. Of thermal expansion (CTE): 40×10-6 below Tg; 160×10-6 above Tg

Outgassing: 200oC 0.22%; 300oC 0.65%; 400oC


Electrical & thermal properties:

Volume resistivity: 8×10-5

Thermal conductivity: 2.0W/moK

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