Syna PI 184

Chemical Name: 1-Hydroxy-Cyclohexylphenyl-ketone
Molecular Formula: C13H16O2
Molecular Weight:  204.26 g/mol
CAS No: 947-19-3
EC No: 213-426-9
Synonyms: Photocure-184, Photoinitiator 184


Molecular Structure


Syna PI 184 is a radical photoinitiator that can be used alone or in combination with other photoinitiators. It is used in formulations containing unsaturated materials such as acrylates, methacrylates, vinyl’s and unsaturated polyesters. With exposure to UV light, Syna PI 184 undergoes a photochemical reaction that
generates radicals. These radicals will initiate polymerization through the unsaturated groups present in the system. Syna PI 184 is especially suited for coatings requiring low yellowing.

Syna PI 184 is characterized by:
• Good solubility
UV curable formulated products containing Syna PI 184 are characterized by:
• Good surface and through cure
• Low yellowing on cure and with exterior exposure
The final properties of UV cured products also depend on the selection of other components such as
oligomers, reactive diluents and additives.

            Product Specification:

Term Specification
Appearance Colorless to Light Yellow Transparent Liquid
Purity >= 99.0%
Ash <= 0.1%
(10g 1173/100ml Toluene)
425nm:   99.0%
500nm:   99.0%
Volatiles <= 0.2 %
Absorption 244
Package 200kg Steel Drum
Shelf Life Two Years
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