Syna HALS 3853

Chemical Name: 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidinyl stearate
Molecular Formula: C27H53NO2
Molecular Weight:  423.726 g/mol
CAS No: 167078-06-0
EC No: 605-462-2
Synonyms: UV-3853

Molecular Structure


Syna HALS 3853 is hindered amine light stabilizer(HALS) for general use in automotive applications.

It  is also suitable for broad range of polymers and applications, including PP film/tape/injection molding applications, TPO, and PE film/tape/injection molding.

Syna HALS 3853 also can be used for polyacetals, polyamides,styrenic polymers, and PUR.

            Product Specification:

Term Specification
Appearance Waxy solid
Purity >= 97%
Melting Point (°C) >= 28.0
Saponification value (mg/KOH/g) 128 - 137
Transmittance 425nm:  >= 90.0% 450nm:  >= 95.0% 500nm:  >= 95.0%
Ash Content <= 0.10%
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