Syna Epoxy 06E

SYNA EPOXY 06E (UVR6105, ERL4221D)

Chemical Name: 3,4-Epoxycyclohexylmethyl-3,4-epoxycyclohexanecarboxylate
Molecular Formula: C14H20O4
Molecular Weight: 252.31 g/mol
CAS No: 2386-87-0
EC No: 219-207-4
Synonyms: UVR6105, ERL4221D


Molecular Structure


Syna-Epoxy 06E is an electronic grade of Syna-Epoxy 06. It can be used as a casting resin, in reinforced plastics and solvent-free adhesives, Acid outstanding performance for UV resistance and anti-radiation properties.

  • It has a unique structure that gives increased alkali and water resistance.
  • It is miscible with a wide range of organic solvents, including acetone, ethanol, and benzene.
  • Its low viscosity and good fluidity makes it suitable for use in bulk manufacturing.
  • It will react in the presence of acid anhydride curing agents at higher temperatures.
  • With heat resistance above 200 it can be used between 200-250C for long periods.
  • Its unique structure gives it increased resistance to both alkalis and water.

            Product Specification:

Term Specification
Appearance Colorless to pale-yellowish Liquid
Assay >= 95%
Epox equivalent Weight (Gm/Eq) 130 – 135
Color(Pt-Co) <= 50
Viscosity @ 25°C (CPS) 220.0 – 250.0
Specific gravity @ 25°C (g/cm3) 1.1590 – 1.1740
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